Vintage 1:43 'White Metal' Collection

Further price reductions early-March 2023 on all remaining items from a collection of vintage handmade 1:43 scale models made in heavy 'white metal'. Heavier than standard diecast metal, these handmade white metal models are 2-3 times heavier than standard diecast models.
Manufacturers included are Conquest Models, Design Studios, Motor City USA, Mini Marque '43', Western Models Limited and Durham Classics among several others.
Most of these models were produced in quantities of 100-500 units each in England, Canada or the USA from the early 1980's to the early 2000's. Many rare and hard-to-find releases are being offered in this collection.
A few handmade resin models are also included in this collection. Please note: These are NOT the same as heavy 'white metal' but are extremely detailed collector models.
These include Elegance of France.
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