Future Release Items

Coming December 2018 (467)
Coming 2018 (19)
Coming January 2019 (365)
Coming February 2019 (121)
Coming March 2019 (49)
Coming April 2019 (51)
Coming May 2019 (30)
Coming June 2019 (29)
Coming July 2019 (5)
Coming September 2019 (2)
Coming December 2019 (10)
Coming 2019 (227)
Coming 2020 (1)

From the selections above are items that have been announced by select manufacturers and are expected to be delivered by the listed release dates.
Please note that ALL release dates are approximate and manufacturers frequently adjust release dates based on many of the following criteria:

*Production Capacity at the Factory
*Soft Consumer Demand or Lack of Sufficient Dealer Pre-Sales
*New Tooling Delays or Complications
*Product Licensing Delays or Complications
*U.S. Import Customs Delays or Complications

Future release items are included throughout our web site for information purposes as well as to give each customer the opportunity to reserve or pre-order future release items before they arrive.
We make every effort to communicate with each manufacturer to update our web site with revised release dates as they are made available to us.
We appreciate your understanding concerning changes of future release dates as all of the above factors are beyond our control.