Dealer Terms & Conditions

New Dealer Conditions:

Currently, we are only accepting NEW applications for businesses that meet the following criteria:

- Business must possess a valid sales tax I.D. or vendor license for an industry related business (diecast, toys, antiques, collectibles, etc.)

- Business or trade name must appear on sales tax I.D. or vendor license.

- Copy of sales tax I.D. or vendor license will need to be mailed or faxed to us before final consideration can be made. (Please do NOT e-mail us an image file of your sales tax I.D. or vendor license. As a company policy, we do not open any e-mail attachments.)

- We reserve the right to refuse any dealer application without cause or explanation.

Payment Terms:

- We accept credit or debit card payment ONLY.

- $500.00 opening order (Dealer Net), $100.00 minimum order thereafter.

- All shipments are F.O.B. Frankfort, KY (Shipping, handling & insurance charges will apply.)

- There is no fixed dealer percentage discount.

- Dealer discounts vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

- Virtually all new and current items are available at a dealer discount.

- Many "Limited Stock" items may not be available at a dealer discount as stock is extremely limited and we are unable to resupply. Remaining stock may be reserved for retail sales only.

- Many "Sale" items may not be available at a further dealer discount. In some cases, the sale price may be at or below our original dealer wholesale price. If you find, however, any items that might be a better offer at retail "sale" prices than the listed dealer wholesale price, please let us know and we will give you the lower price. Thank you for your understanding!