We know that many of you would like a little clarification about scales. First, it is important to remember that scales are basically fractions. An item that is listed at 1:24 means that it is 1/24th the size of the actual item in "real life". Therefore, the smaller the number in the fraction, the larger the replica. Similarly, the larger the number in the fraction, the smaller the replica. A 1:25 scale replica would be twice as big as a 1:50 scale replica of the same item.

For Example

Take a car that is 12 feet long in "real life". The size of the replica would vary in length depending on the scale in which the replica was produced.

Scale Length
1:1 12 feet
1:12 1 foot
1:24 6 inches
1:48 3 inches
1:72 2 inches

Special Info for Modelers

We know that many of our customers are modelers in a particular scale and that you tend to collect items similar in size. Listed below is a helpful guide to use when determining whether or not an item will work for your modeling needs.

Range of Scales
"G" Gauge 1:24 & 1:25 scales
"Standard" Gauge 1:30, 1:32, & 1:34 scales
"O" Gauge 1:43, 1:48, 1:50, & 1:55 scales
"S" Gauge 1:60, 1:64, 1:70, & 1:72 scales
"HO" Gauge 1:87 Through 1:100 scales